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24K Gold, also known as 24K or Kosher Tangie, is a cross of Tangie and Kosher Kush, bred by DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. The seed bank has identified three 24K Gold phenotypes; one of which has a prominent kush flavor with citrus undertones, and another with a Tangie-leaning flavor. According to DNA Genetics, the strain has an Indica-leaning lineage, but grows tall and produces above-average yields (450 to 550 grams per square meter, or 0.99 to 1.12 pounds per square foot) of resinous buds in a 63-70 day flowering period. The breeder also claims that 24K Gold produces a strong tangerine scent and kush-flavored buds. 24K Gold won third Place at the Milano Secret Cup in 2018.

1 review for THC Design 24K

  1. Marshall

    I’ve gotten the opportunity to get a taste of every new strain i meet and i really appreciate your top shelves and services. Really love doing business with you guys.

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