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The strain displays Indica-like growth characteristics during the vegetative cycle. A short, stout, and bushy strain, Harle-Tsu produces a medium-yielding plant of low THC flowers and is adaptable to varying cultivation environments. The plant starts low and branchy and develops ample foliage with vertically reaching branches. When grown outdoors, the buds reach full maturation around late September in the Northern Hemisphere, or late March in the Southern Hemisphere, while indoor plants finish flowering roughly 56 days after entering the flowering cycle. The strain, tested by Phylos Bioscience in 2016, frequently tests at 13-18% for total CBD content and less than one percent (1%) THC and is rich in the terpenes myrcene and humulene. The strain won first place for best CBD flower at the 2014 Emerald Cup.

1 review for Humboldt Farms – Classic CBD Harle-Tsu

  1. Henry

    Actually my first time ordering here. Well customer and delivery services were perfect. And i trust them. They’ve got good products too. Will definately be ordering more over here. Greenhouse my new plug 😊. Try them out

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