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Wedding Cake(Min Order 1 Oz). 30 grams a Z. 10% discounts on bulk purchases.

Roadkill Wedding Cake is a powerful and tasty Indica Dominant Hybrid strain! Roadkill Wedding Cake features two amazing strains bred together: Roadkill Skunk x Wedding Cake! This skunky yet sweet strain is known to provide a euphoric and relaxing high.



What’s The History Of Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake weed strain comes from two other hybrid weeds, namely GSC and Cherry Pie. These two, in their turn combine such famous trees as Durban PoisonOG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. The combination of these well known and potent cannabis blends gives you a peculiar Wedding Cake Indica Sativa hybrid that really balances between the two, so you can even tell whether Wedding Cake strain Sativa or Indica? It’s both, and when I say both — I mean it because you cannot tell what it is.

. Wedding Cake strain type is rather peculiar because it is rather rare to see such balanced experiences in weeds. Usually, you either clearly feel Sativa or Indica, but in this case — there’s no telling.

What Are Possible Effects?

There’s a wide range of effects a user can possibly experience smoking on a Wedding Cake strain weed. Here are just some effects you might be experiencing:

Positive Negative
Happiness Dizziness
Relaxation Dry throat
Arousal Confusing thoughts and ideas
Creativity Disorientation
Enhanced sex-drive
Deeply spiritual experiences

Also, some smokers have been reporting visual and auditory hallucinations. The Wedding Cake strain THC level is rather high — up to 23%, which is considered really high, so your mind might be playing some tricks with you. It’s not like you are under some psychedelics, but it is true that the line between the real world and the world of our thoughts and ideas can get a bit blurry under the influence of the Wedding Cake marijuana strain. As said, do not expect some crazy hallucinations or anything out of hand, but it might happen that you might hear and even see some odd sound or shapes in regular objects.

What Are The Reasons To Smoke Wedding Cake?

Well, everyone has their own reasons, that’s quite normal and you don’t have to look for excuses to broaden your experiences with weed. Cannabis strain Wedding Cake is surely worth trying for those who already have some experience with that kind of stuff, and if you are looking for something new — this might just be it.

Again, this is a peculiar weed and every smoker might have an entirely different kind of experience. Some even go as far as to say that Wedding Cake strain and sex are the best combinations because you sense an entirely new level of connection with your partner, a sort of divine unity. Some say that it is best to smoke it alone to really dive into your subconsciousness and search for some answers or ideas there.


Despite its spectacular effects, the strain Wedding Cake plant outlook is not too special. It is a standard midsize bush, the flower is just green with yellow-ish strings. Wedding cake strain yield is perfectly in the middle range, maybe because of the Wedding Cake OG strain genetics that does not produce a remarkable outlook. It is just a regular plant.

Smell and aroma

The smell, though, is more exciting than the outlook. The main component of the aroma is a citrusy smell you can distinguish from a regular herbal or earthy aroma the majority of strains have. Of course, you can still sense a really potent herbal base in the smell of the smoke, though it gets overpowered by this lime or grapefruit aroma that comes from the flower itself.


Flavor, as always, would heavily depend on the smoking device you apply. Clearly, if you use something like a short pipe, especially a metal pipe, you will end up with bitter and really irritating smoke. Using a vaporizer or decent bong will produce a much more pleasant smell, herbal and citrusy aroma you’ll be able to enjoy without irritation in your throat and coughing.

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