About Us

Green House Medical Dispensary

01. About our dispensary

We promise to only provide cannabis of the highest quality. From topicals, tinctures, oil, edibles, CBD products and flower.

OC Dispensary was founded on the idea that cannabis can be an important element of our daily lives, one that should be learned about with an open mind. At OC Dispensary we aim to provide you with a curated, one on one experience. When you come to see us it is far more than a transaction. It is a conversation. It is our goal to not only share our knowledge of cannabis, but to allow you to learn about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in the way that fits your lifestyle.

Cannabis no longer has to be a substance surrounded with a negative stigma. It should be thought about as a supplement that can enhance your life however often you choose to partake. While the recreational aspects are already well known, we have just begun to understand the potential of the medicinal benefits of this plant. Include cannabis in your creative space, enhance your sensual experiences, retreat into self reflection, heighten your senses, deepen your sleep, fight your nausea, relieve your pain and much more.